Tokio is on the Pest-side of Chain bridge, Széchenyi István square (formerly Roosevelt) and its environs are the heart of the business district, which transformes into a popular entertainment and clubbing quarter at night.

A Széchenyi téren, Budapest üzleti, és egyben kedvelt szórakozó negyedében várjuk kedves vendégeinket feledhetetlen kulináris élményt kínálva. Tehetséges fiatal belsőépítészek tervei alapján megújított külsővel és belsővel kínáljuk Tóth Roland séf és autentikus thai szakácsok keze alól a város legizgalmasabb ízeit.


Come by and enjoy the contemporary and
traditional Asian cuisine of TOKIO!

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Choose your favourite cocktail made by our professional bartenders,
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Pad Thai: Started life in Asia; now it’s travelled the world

The dish everyone must try.

Japan’s unique alcoholic drink, sake

It’s not brandy, and it’s not wine. It’s sake.

This dish you shouldn’t miss, sushi!

You either love it or hate it, but there’s no doubt you’ve heard about it.

Japanese cuisine: A behind-the-scenes look

The Japanese kitchen is like a jewelry box. In addition to the unique way Japanese food is served, the food itself is something to behold.

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